Color Stainless Steel

    People in modern society have long seen metal decoration. The surface of color stainless steel plate is cold and metallic,

which brings new era of fashion for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. Here is to introduce the characteristics of

color stainless steel.

    The color stainless steel is not made of those color coated steel plates. The color stainless steel is sprayed with a transparent

oxide film on the primary color of the stainless steel. The oxide film changes the color through the interference of light.

Different thickness of oxide film can produce different colors. The same thickness of oxide film, different light intake angle,

color will also change with. When many natural factors such as weather and temperature change, the oxide film covered on

stainless steel will produce different colors, which is very beautiful. Each thickness of oxide film corresponds to a color.


Color stainless steel features:

  1. Stainless steel material is not easy to rust, easy to clean, and strong wind resistance, durable. So in schools, squares, gardens, residential areas and other major venues can often see the figure of stainless steel sculpture. There are many materials used, so the higher the sculpture height, the higher the natural price. Colored stainless steel sculptures are also common to us.
  2. Color stainless steel is not a color coated steel plate, the surface has no coating, no toxicity. A transparent oxide film is formed on the surface of silver white stainless steel, and different colors are formed by the interference of the oxide film with light.
  3. Different thickness of oxide film can produce different colors. The same thickness of oxide film, with different incident angle of light, even the same light will show different colors. When the weather changes, the surface oxide film will change, and the color will also change. Therefore, its color is magic. However, each thickness of the oxide film corresponds to a basic color. When the moisture on the surface film is removed, the oxide film is restored, and the color is restored to its original color.
  4. The effect and corrosion resistance of the colored stainless steel sculptures are far better than those of ordinary stainless steel sculptures, and their wear resistance, scratch resistance and scrub resistance are also very strong, and other aspects of performance are the same as ordinary stainless steel. Therefore, it will become the substitute of ordinary stainless steel products and enter all industries using stainless steel.


Post time: Aug-26-2020