Looking at the tight economy of the global economy from the supply of pork

As we all know, since the end of August last year, China’s first outbreak of African swine fever, the national pork prices continued to fall, and continued into February this year.

After the spring Festival, pork prices against previous years after the off-season decline trend, began to continue to rise, the price once returned to the level of African swine fever before the occurrence. Some analysts said that the reason for the surge in pig head prices is due to the spread of African swine fever, resulting in domestic pigs and the ability to sow the year-on According to experts, pork prices will still rise in the second half of 2019, and may even rise by more than 70%, a record high.

To add insult to injury, however, Canada, which has been regularly exporting pork to China, has been delayed for some reason. Although the Government of Canada soon came out to explain that it was because of unavoidable objective issues that the matter had been known and that the promise would not have devastating consequences. But domestic agricultural experts say they can’t take it lightly.

 But at this time, Argentina and Russia are beginning to act quietly. Today (April 30), the Argentine Government reported that it had signed a memorandum on pork exports with the Chinese government and was about to start delivery. And Russia has been allowed to export pork to China this year. So far, a total of 30 companies in Russia have permits to export poultry meat to China. The companies have now begun exporting their rich variety of meat products to China, starting with pork and beef. With the reduction of raw pork in China, in order to cope with the huge domestic demand for pork, China will be afraid to increase the import of pork in the future, if Canada can not timely export pork to China, then China abandoned the Canadian market, to Argentina and Russia pork, there is also this possibility.

German media: The Chinese are buying our barbecue ,

In German supermarkets, pork prices are likely to rise soon, and consumers will have to pay more for fried meat or grilled sausages.You know, the barbecue season in Germany is about to begin. Reason: China’s demand for pork in Europe has risen sharply. Local producers in China have been unable to meet demand as Asian countries have been hit by African swine fever. The truth is that the purchase price of German pigs has risen by about 27% per cent so far this year, soaring to € 1.73 a kilo. With strong demand in China, overjoyed, a German pig farmer, earns 30 euros more per pig than it did 5 weeks ago.

China’s pork imports have risen markedly as growth in Chinese pork demand has led to higher global pork prices in recent weeks. Chinese pork imports rose 10% per cent in the first two months of the year from the same period last year, according to official figures released by Beijing. Among them, European pork exporters have become the biggest beneficiaries of strong demand in the world’s pork consumer countries. According to European Commission statistics, the European Union’s pork exports to China increased by 17.4% per cent a year earlier, or more than 140,000 tonnes, to 202 million euros in January.

 Among them, the largest exports of pork to China are Spain and Germany. EU pork exports to China are expected to grow as demand for pork continues to pick up strongly in the coming months, analysts said. In addition to pork, beef and poultry exports to China are also growing.

 1. As long as there is a market, but also let suppliers see the potential and stability of the market, as long as the market is where even a stable and strong supplier, as long as it shows that it is not possible, there will be other suppliers immediately replaced, and even established suppliers in the previous field can not turn over

2. Although the world is becoming more connected, we do not feel clearly as small individuals, but when their changes affect our dinner table, we will find that globalization is really close to us.

Post time: Jun-13-2019
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