What is a vacuum cup?

I’m a cup, my head is small, twist open is to drink water mouth, my body fat with colorful clothes. I’m so cute! And My clothes are made of stainless steel.


We are the necessities of modern life, almost everyone has them. And we because of thermal insulation characteristics, is more favored by people. Boiling water in an ordinary cup, after a period of time from hot to cool, this kind of heat conduction is a natural law, but the thermos cup can make the water in the cup after a period of time can still maintain the same temperature as the original, so people especially like this kind of thermos cup.

Vacuum cup“, many people use us to drink water every day. But do you know why the hot water in the cup doesn’t cool off after a few hours? Do you know what our principle has to do with vacuum?


In 1892, Scottish physicist and chemist James Dewar invented the vacuum cup. Dewar’s whole life work was mainly on the study of cryogenics. In order to study gas liquefaction, he needed a container with good thermal insulation. At that time, the thermal insulation effect of the container was not good, and the heat was easy to lose. So Dewar thought of a vacuum that couldn’t transfer heat. His spirit of exploration and innovation made his invention successful. The container was named “Dewar” and later became the vacuum cup we use now.

By the 1950s, the sales of vacuum mugs reached their peak due to people’s demand. During this period, vacuum cups were carried in family picnics, seaside excursions and field camping. Later, the material of vacuum cup was improved continuously, stainless steel and ceramics became the main materials of inner tank and shell. The ability of isolating air is enhanced, which makes the heat preservation effect of vacuum heat preservation cup better and better.

Post time: Aug-05-2020