About Amazon’s announcement of withdrawing from the Chinese market

On the April 17, it was revealed that Amazon would announce its withdrawal from China, and Amazon officials officially replied on April 18: It will stop providing services to third-party sellers on its Chinese website on July 18, 2019. Amazon will retain only two pieces of business in China in the future, one for the Kindle and the other for cross-border trade, with all other businesses to be abolished.

To be precise, it should be the removal of the Kindle, cloud computing and other marginal business, Amazon in China’s 15-year e-commerce business, will be a complete end. In response, Amazon customer service replied that it had not received any notice in this regard and that consumers should not believe such rumours online. Insiders responded, denying that Amazon would withdraw from China and stressing that Amazon was a large and owned company with many businesses.

According to relatives of another Amazon procurement department, there are not many companies to choose from, only Ali, Jingdong, Xiaomi has goods, Suning and so on several, or to start a company, traditional retail enterprises are also an option. The relative lamented: Now the employment situation is not good, looking for a job is a bit difficult, may lose their jobs. In the 2004, Amazon was the bully of global e-commerce, after Amazon has captured the Canadian, Japanese, French, German, British and American e-commerce markets. That same year, Amazon took aim at the Chinese market and bought 75 million of dollars to buy a network of excellence. However, as the cross-border e-commerce industry enters a period of rapid growth, local competitors are clearly on the back burner.

Alibaba, Jingdong, spelling, as well as small red books and ocean Wharf all the e-commerce have entered, competitive forces continue to rise, Amazon China is feeling pressure. From Yahoo, Google and Yi bei to Facebook, few multinational internet companies have been successful in China, and most of them have lost to local companies, such as Sina, Alibaba, Baidu and other companies, Amazon or become the latest member of the list.

By this year, Amazon China had not disclosed the number of Prime members in China. Perhaps in the current situation, quitting China would be the right choice for Amazon. The actual situation should be: Amazon will cut off China’s e-commerce platform business, completely announced that farewell and Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong and other domestic e-commerce platform for positive competition, but also announced the Chinese e-commerce market competition defeat.

 At the same time, also abandoned the cross-border import of Amoy business, seeking cooperation with NetEase Koala, so as to focus on other similar global stores, AWS, Kindle and other aspects of business development, the Chinese market is still an important strategic market for Amazon, exit that is impossible. At present, Amazon’s business in China includes Amazon Cloud, Amazon Global store, Amazon cross-border e-commerce, Kindle business and so on. Earlier, Amazon, the head of business for export trade, told the media: Sincerely pinched a sweat, glad that business can continue, but she is also very worried that cross-border trade may not last long, the days of life will not be long. Amazon officials did not issue an announcement about the accuracy of the news. Amazon’s glory and discoloration depict the vicissitudes of China’s e-commerce industry.

15 years ago, it entered China high-profile as a M & amp; A, and 15 years later it left the game in a daze of great retreat. China’s internet giants are springing up to grow rapidly, and although they are “reckless” and have a radical and no baggage to play, Amazon, a field e-commerce that does not understand the “inside” of the local market, is simply overwhelmed. Amazon headquarters is also in the United States, and feedback on changes in the Chinese market is lagging behind. Step behind, you step behind. Today, Amazon has officially announced its exit from the Chinese market. From an ambitious e-commerce leader to an outdated veteran gentleman, the end of Amazon hero Twilight seems doomed, but it is still lamentable. Over the past 15 years, Amazon has set foot in the Chinese market for 15 and 15 years since the rise of local e-commerce in China. In Amazon’s rival list, there are established Taobao, Jingdong, when, after the rookie spelling, NetEase Koala, Xiao Red Book. Old rivals play flexible, new opponents play reckless, beleaguered Amazon is naturally caught off guard, and slowly fall behind.

But in the see a few netizens hot reviews: “The key is that Amazon does not sell fake goods so must withdraw from the Chinese market”, “996 will be a reason for success?” “Caused my reflection, although the heat review some generalization but for the Amazon is missing the inside two and lost and feel that the current market is slightly deformed bar.”

 But for market time and customer choice is to test a market and enterprise standards, waiting for the Amazon exit after the market changes bar.

Post time: Jun-13-2019